Sunday, September 27, 2009

David Childs About Health Scare

Hi Myrna and Tim,
I started to put this on Facebook, but apparently it is too many words for the comments, and I'm not sure how to use it anyway.  I didn't know what I was getting into with  Facebook,  but I'm pretty sure I don't want to spend most of my days on  it! :)  Anyway, I'll put the short version there, and this can be the longer version.
My doctor was treating me for  high blood pressure, and  had told me a couple of visits ago that my Creatinine levels (Creatinine levels are used to indicate how well the kidneys are functioning) were getting somewhat  high, and if they continued to rise, we would need to check it out.  It continued to rise, so I had an appointment at the end of July with a Nephrologist, who told me that my kidneys were functioning at 30%  of normal.  I also complained of being  dizzy (as opposed to ditzy, which  is my normal state), and weak and short of breath.  At this  point I  expected a future of hoping the kidneys didn't fail too fast, so that I could delay the start of dialysis and possible need for a transplant.  I thought, based on what I could find on the web, that there would not be any recovery of the damage already done to the kidneys.  The Nephrologist reduced my blood pressure  meds and ordered a sonogram of my kidneys about a month later.  We went back near the  end of August and the  doctor gave us the good news!  My Creatinine levels were back down near to the levels it should be and my sonogram showed that there was nothing  wrong with my kidneys. Apparently, the problem has been that I have been taking too much medication for the high blood pressure for quite some time now, and my blood pressure was too low!  Because of the low BP there was inadequate blood flow to all parts of the body that needed  it.  (the medical term is "Perfusion").  He further reduced the BP medicine, and noted that I was "slightly anemic" and suggested that I take a vitamin D supplement for awhile.  Kim thinks I look better and have more color (I was too pale...), and I certainly feel better.  I am able to work outside in the yard without feeling like I am about to pass out, or habing to rest ever two or three minutes to catch my breath.  More importantly, I purchased a float tube and chest waders and have been out on the lakes and streams paddling about trying  to catch fish!  (I'm a lousy fisherman, I would hate to try to live on what I can catch ;) )  
I have another appointment on the 29th, and hopefully, it will continue to be good news.  This all happened because apparently, I have what is called the "white coat syndrome".  When I take my blood pressure at home, it is significantly lower than when I have  it taken at the doctor's office.  So, every time I went to the doctor, he felt that because my BP was still too high, and he should increase the medication.
All in all, it's been a time of nervousness and trepidation, but I feel like I've a second chance - It's a great feeling!