Friday, August 13, 2010

Photos of Myrna at the Alligator Farm

Thanks to Toni Jackson, cousin, I have this photo at all. When I went back home to Utah after the summer vacation, I took the photo to school to share for my vacation show-and-tell. I don't know what happened to it. My teacher, Mrs. King, thought that one of my friends must have "borrowed" it, though I have no idea why that would ever happen. At one point, when I became literate in Photoshop, I tried to put together a fake photo but it just wasn't right. I know why, of course, it was not the original and did not have these wonderful people included.

The people in this photo, in the background, are important to me. Jessie Brighton (my great-aunt), Vivian Smith (my maternal grandmother), Gilbert Brighton (my great-uncle). Uncle Gilbert baptized me. He was in the bishopric in his ward in California.

What a great gift Toni has given me. I have a piece of my childhood and a very happy day in my life restored.