Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trauntvein History and Mine Disasters

Please keep this someplace because I can't remember from time to time. I sat LHT down and this is what I learned.

His Uncle Neldon Trauntvein, Henry's next to the youngest brother, was killed in a mine cave-in in Castle Gate. He was the only one killed in the accident.

Tom Grundy, husband to Crystal Trauntvein Grundy, Henry's sister, was seriously injured in an accidental cave-in at Castle Gate. Broke his hip and leg and he had to have a pin placed in the hip and down the leg which made him crippled.

Gilmer Nielsen, Delma Rostron Nielsen, sister of Gladys, was killed in an explosion in Kenilworth mine. He was one of seven killed. He was badly burned.

Bert Llewellyn, Bulah Rostron Llewellyn, sister of Gladys, was crushed by a loading machine. He was found dead beneath the machine where he was either working on it or had gone to get warm while his load went out.

Henry was injured when his foot was caved-on. He broke his ankle and foot. They were going to use TNT on a blocking. They could not get beneath it. So paddled into the water and placed the dynamite and paddled back. Got just to the edge of the water. Something told him to get off the raft. Walked away back, the water disappeared after the blast but the raft he had been on was smashed against the ceiling. Then he was in the mine and went into an entry. He had blocked the door over but someone accidentally removed it and he could have been gassed. He was walking into the mine and was using his lantern to test for air. He found his lamp went out so he turned and ran away from the black damp. He hit into a timber and passed out. There was air at the level of the floor and he revived and was able to get out. He dislocated his shoulder. He went to a chiropractor, Dr. Munk, and he put it back in place.

He started mining when he was 13-years old. His dad expected him to mine as much coal each day as he did. They had to blast their own coal, pick it out, load the cart and pull it out using a horse. They were paid by the load. That was the Clear Creek Mine.