Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My Dad

I was not ready, as I guess no one ever is, to let my daddy and your grandpa leave this life. However, if it is time to go, I guess his way was a good one. Unlike Dad’s parents, there was not any long-term suffering. I am so thankful that I have LHT (Dad to you) to be with me. He is a great comfort and it helps that he also loved my dad. He also stands by me and supports me. He looks after me and tries to make things better for me as we close the memories that were once my father’s home. I also want to thank each of you, my children (that includes spouses) and grandchildren for your support. I know that Heavenly Father is watching the kind ways you are behaving and that, when it is time for Dad and I to go ahead of you (hopefully we are ahead), He will bless you as you have blessed and supported me. “What goes around comes around.” Know that you are all loved! We pray everyday that you will be helped, guided, watched over and protected.

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