Saturday, December 12, 2009


A bit of mud.
 Shawn Trauntvein

I'm a person of little consequence,
a beggar before my Savior King,
appealing to Him of Gethsemane,
to ransom me, a lowly thing.

My broken heart, contrite soul, distressed mind
have been in storm and dark fury tossed,
Silently, I pled to Him, Jesus save
me...and the fear and noise were lost.

Often, as an unhealed Leper I pray,                                                                              
Lord, if Thou wilt, Thou canst make me clean,
with hope to hear our Eternal Father
say to me, "I will, be thou clean".

Still when misfortune cast me off the path,
bruised of spirit, wounded and worn down,
my Shepherd, yes, the babe of Bethlehem,
sent another to lift and bound.

I was known a beggar, at one time blind,
'til He mixed dirt and spit to make clay,
still not sure why, He would anoint my eyes,
but praise Christ's name, I see today.

Although I, still less than the dust of ground,
hope to serve and love, as He, my friend
You may wonder why? For the Prince of Peace
may use me too, to serve His end.

Please, Redeemer, stir in me, a burning heart,
an undried tear, true charity, a will to serve,
and witness of Thee.

Myrna wrote: Thank you! I think this is wonderful and very helpful.  I too "am a person of little consequence. . ."

This is very beautiful. Do you have more?

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