Thursday, June 3, 2010


Saturday afternoon we left our home about 4:15 p.m. We returned home about 11:45 p.m. As we came into our home from the garage, we passed the back door, leading outside. I turned the knob on the door and it was unlocked.  I thought maybe I had left it unlocked, so I locked it. About fifteen minutes later, I checked the front door and it was ajar so I locked it and we went to bed. 

The next morning I was sitting in the front room reading and Myrna, my wife, called to me to come back to the bedroom. She told me that the reason the doos were  unlocked when we returned home was that we had been robbed. She showed me her drawers and how her clothes where sticking up and had been gone through. My drawers had also been rifled. She showed me  that my jar of quarters was missing. It was totally full. The burglars left the  decorative lid. 
When we realized we had been robbed, we called and Officer Wes Dudley came over. We were telling him that we could not see any evidence of a forced entry, when Myrna stated she could see how they got in. She pointed to the front door and we could see the groove in the door where they had pried it open. Then we could see the pry marks on the door casing and how the burglars had totally destroyed  the receiver.

Later on that morning, after a city police officer had gone, I went to my sock drawer and found they had taken three pair of Docker socks that I had purchased about a month earlier. They were black socks and had  Docker written across the toes.

On Monday, an officer came an took finger prints. Today, Monday the twelfth, we are to go over to the police station and give them our finger prints. Some of the prints Officer Burt Wright got looked pretty good. Hopefully, they will not be ours. The same night our house was broken into another home just three blocks from ours was also broken into and they lost a jar of money, a $100 bull and other items. A travel trailer was also broken into and many items, such as a flat screen television, were taken. As of now the only things we can see missing at our home are the money and the socks..

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