Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dear Else & Erling & Family

Leonard wrote:

Dear Else & Erling & Family:

I am just sitting here thinking and wondering if you are still being affected by the volcanic ash cloud. I remember when Mount St. Helene, erupted, in the state of Washington. The one side of it was blown out and sent a dust cloud into the sky. We knew it down here. If you left your car outside, it would be covered with dust. What I have been reading is that those who have been covered with the cloud are getting the same thing we had. I do not remember how many people died. There was a campground close by and some of the people were never found. It looked like an atomic blast had occurred.

In the months of April, May and June, we have had more rain and snow than in the previous three months. Our temperatures have been way below normal.The fact is that as I am I sitting here writing this letter, it is cool in the house. I am a cheapskate, I am not going to heat the furnace. I have had a chance to mow my lawns twice. The peas in the garden are growing well, however, the tomatoes are not doing well because it has just been too cold. I did put in one row of katofler.

Did you notice in the church news they are going to build a temple in Payson, Utah. That just 30 miles from here. Our stakes will be assigned to that district.
Myrna and I have mixed emotions about leaving  the Manti Temple. That is where our great grandparents, grandparents, parents, Myrna’s, as late as three years ago, were sealed.We were sealed there along with five of our children. We have been serving in the temple for ten years and four months. It is liked home for us. Payson will have the film. As you well know, ours is what is called a live endowment. It will only take us about twenty minutes to get to Payson and it is 45 minutes to Manti.

Our oldest grandson ileft for his mission on May 26. He will be in the missionary training center for three weeks and then flew out to South America. He is from the east coast. He is our oldest daughter’s son. He just finished his first year at BYU. 

We flew to Chicago, Illinois for our oldest son’s daughter’s high school graduation. That was Sunday, May 23. After the the school graduation they had her seminary graduation. We flew home on Monday, we flew out on Saturday.

So much for what is happening in our lives. How are you all doing? How are the kids and grand kids doing? Do you have much planned for the summer? How is your genealogy going? I have been going to ask you how is the temple attendance going? Our new temple president, President Pinegar (past Seventy) has been bringing bring about many changes that have increased our temple attendance. 

I have run out of questions and news so I will stop for now. We love you all and hope you all will have a great summer.

Especially Yours

L.H. and Myrna Trauntvein

We received your email about Rita. It is sad news. I think back on my association with her and it has always been positive. I think of the many times that I was in your home, while I was on my mission. She was always nice to me, as all of you always were. I know at one time your mom was having trouble with her and sent her over south of Odense, where I had been transferred. She gave me the name of the place, so i told my companion  we were going to go down there. It seemed like a long bike ride. When we got there, they would not let us see or talk to her.  I was very disappointed.When we came over to the Temple Dedication and visited with your mom, she was very cordial to us.

Even though she did not join the church, as I think about her, and, in my way of thinking, one of her greatest missions was to bring Heinrick into the family. He had a grandmother who loved him and an aunt and uncle and their family who love him. I can not say that she did not believe in some of the doctrine of the church. Like many other people I know, their habits get in the way of their being active in the church. I home teach two such brethren.

Heinrick has been a great service to the church and to us. When you came up to us, in between the talks and the program, you asked me if I would like to be in the temple for the the dedication. My remark was “yes” but in my wildest dream I did not think that it could happen.  You then stated, “That is not what I asked you.” I said, “Yes”. When you handed me the two tickets, I could have kissed you, then I thought that might not be appropriate. Then the morning of the dedication we were able to go in early an get a great seat. 

All the work Heinrick did for the open house, the program, and the dedication were admirable. Taking Elder Nielsen and his wife up to Veg and some of the same places you took us was also a great thing.

We want to express our sympathy to all of you and to Heinrick. Would you let him know about our feelings toward him and his mom?

We want you and your family to know how much we love all of you. My family knows the history of our relationship with you and your family. With out you we would never been in the Danish Temple for the dedication. And then to have the opportunity to do work in the temple, with you and Jana has been one of the greatest highlights in our lives. My children have heard all the stories several times and they have the same feelings we do. I believe if we were not the first to do initiatory there, there were not many before us. What a blessing. Also to have a picture of you and me on the front steps of the church and then the front steps of the temple is such a treasure. It does not get much better than that. Your’s and Erling’s hospitality was most gracious and we appreciated it. Thank you!

You will have to read this epistle in two or three settings.

We love you all:

Myrna and Leonard 
P.S. You might notice that it took a few weeks to write this. Sorry about that.

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