Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some World War II Photos of Howard Thomas Pitts

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Navy Winter Uniform.

The Enola Gay seen through a cracked and battle-scarred windshield.

Dump trucks loading road base.

That same scarred windshield reveals a tank.

It was steamy and hot,

Winter Uniform in Price, UT

Summer Uniform--R&R Hawaii

Enola Gay

He Sometimes Watched Strafing 


Always Building


More Seabees

Getting Road Base

Ready for Battle


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Seabee Buddies

Seabees Built Airstrips for Bombers

Another Photo of Dad

More War Buddies

Fighting the Japanese

War Buddy

The Enola Gay, in another view.

Dad, his mom, Ruth Edwards Pitts and his father, Vivan Pitts 

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