Monday, October 24, 2011

It's a Grumpy Day!

There goes that Pitts/Pritchett temper again. I will make three CDs. I will keep them here. If anyone wants to borrow them, I will send them one. They can copy as they choose. If any of you would still like to get the photos, as Kirsten does, let me know and I will send them. Jim and Karma have said they want the one with all the family. You must now say either yes or no. I cannot compress the files because I do not know how. I just figured out how to copy slides. I do not want to learn how to compress files the same day. Dad says he thinks I spend too much time doing all of this. He says I would be better off going for a walk. He says that when we (he and I) die, you will just send them all to the dump anyway. That is his take.

As for facebook, I don't post photos except for my own. I do have all the protections set. However, I know that they do not always work. That is why facebook is trying to make the site more secure.

We have the Trauntvein blog site and I have lots and lots of stuff on that. It is so protected, however, that I am the only one who ever visits it. You have to be invited to view it and I have invited you all. However, I don't think anyone but Melanie has ever gone there. I know, because she thanked me for my posts. I also maintain the "Grammy's Gleanings" blog and I put on there what I want about myself and Dad and I do not protect it. I actually hope that someone reads it. I don't have any followers, it has small audience appeal, so I will never become rich nor famous but I do have the beginnings of my history on there.

I began taking all these photos, as did my dad, because there were only a dozen photos of my mother when she died. That is so few that in a blink you could forget she ever lived. I wanted a photo history of each of you. I have one. It doesn't matter to me whether anyone else cares. I care. I took them for me and for my dad. He appreciated them as well. No one else from my past lived long enough to enjoy them.

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