Monday, December 5, 2011

The Forgotten Carols: 20 Years of Holiday Magic

Twenty years ago, Michael McLean created a Christmas performance that has endeared itself in the hearts of thousands. This year, Alyssa was in the performance at UVU and AnnMarie bought us tickets. It was great!‏

Alyssa was in the choir and was the leader of the off-key on-stage group as well. She is a natural on stage and has a beautiful voice so we were very proud.

I can see why 'The Forgotten Carols" has been popular for such a long time. I loved, of course, that Alyssa was there and that she, and the way that she lights up a stage, were so appealing but I would go see it again because it has such heart. It was a great way to welcome the Christmas season.

Melanie wrote: Our Stake in Missouri put this on. It was good. I think Todd has seen it as well. How wonderful that Alyssa was able to perform in it. She has been very busy this year! Melanie

Todd wrote: Amy and I saw it at UVU. I really liked it. I bet she was terrific. 

Kirsten wrote: One of my FHE bros was in the "homeless" group, so i saw it at Timp High School 16 years ago.  It was great even then. Kirsten

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