Saturday, May 5, 2012

Holy Ghost: A Bag of Reminders for a Special Child

*Some of these ideas are mine. Some come from others. I am grateful to all who have helped me glean and sift the ideas to make them part of the bag I use for my family.
We have some gifts to give you so that you will be reminded about the Gift you are about to receive.
1. This is a cozy comfy blanket. This will remind you that the Holy Ghost will comfort you and give you strength when you find yourself sad and lonely. He will help you when you miss a loved one. The Holy Ghost will be a shelter in times of dark and stormy weather as long as you choose the right. 
2. We have some lip balm for you. This is to help you remember that the Holy Ghost will speak to you in a still small voice. You may feel it in your heart, hear it in your mind, hear it in your ears, or feel a warm glow inside and, when He speaks, please listen and you will be safe.
3. Next is this hand-washing liquid. If you look closely at the bottle, the label says, “deep cleansing.” The Holy Ghost can help you remain spiritually clean and maintain that deeply clean spirit.  It will remind you to have “clean hands and a pure heart." You must have clean thoughts and actions to feel the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost cannot dwell with unclean things.
4. Here is a bottle of detangler. The Holy Ghost will help you avoid wrong choices and getting tangles in your life. But if you do make mistakes and get your life all tangled up, He will help you repent if you pray and ask for help and follow His promptings. He will help you detangle or untangle your life.
5. Here is a set of earphones. They will remind you to tune-in to what the Holy Ghost has to say to you. The Holy Ghost will help you to always choose the right. He will never persuade you to do anything wrong. If you are confused and if you hear loud and jangling noises and voices, that is Satan. The Holy Ghost is always calm and peaceful.
6. We have a package of erasers. The Holy Ghost can help you repent and erase mistakes. Jesus Christ died for us and made it possible for us to repent. When we repent, we erase our mistakes.
7. Now we have a ruler. It is to remind you that the Holy Ghost is a teacher. The Holy Ghost will help you understand and know the truth as you study the scriptures and learn. If you pray to know the right answer about anything, the Holy Ghost will step in and help you know the truth. That is why Joseph Smith knew that what was true when he had the first vision and when he translated the Book of Mormon.
8. Here is a flashlight. This flashlight will remind you that the Holy Ghost will help light your way and help you walk the righteous path. 
9. This heart will help you remember that the Holy Ghost changes our hearts for the good. You can show Heavenly Father and Jesus that you love them by keeping the commandments.
10. Here is a pack of Snickers. When your friends, classmates or peers snicker at the righteous choices that your are making and are not supporting you, these will remind you NOT to listen to the snickers and listen to the Holy Ghost instead and do what is right.
11. Last, but not least, are these Life Savers. This is to remind you to share the gospel and be a Life Saver to your friends and loved ones.
For boys, I always include a map or a Scout compass.They help us remember that the Holy Ghost shows us the way. He keeps us going the right direction as long as we are worthy.
I hope these gifts will remind you to stay on the righteous path and, if you need any help, don’t ever be afraid to pray in your mind, on your knees or with your head bowed. Remember to follow your parents and listen to what they say. The Holy Ghost teaches us to love our parents and our families.
“The Holy Ghost is the Testifier of Truth, who can teach men things they cannot teach one another.” Gordon B. Hinckley
Ten is the right number of objects to use the time you are allotted but you may substitute and you may also use:
A picture of the Savior. It reminds you that you are following Christ’s example and that you are taking his name upon you.
A tiny bell that rings ever so softly that represents how we must carefully listen to the still small voice.
A candle to remind you that, if you listen to the Holy Ghost, he will light the way and help you choose the right by giving you a warm feeling inside.
Soap to remind you that you must have clean thoughts and actions and that, when you make a mistake after you are baptized, you can repent and heavenly Father will forgive you.
A white washcloth to remind you that, even though all children before the age of eight are not accountable, after you are baptized you are a new and clean member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Fruit to symbolize that the fruit of the spirit is love, joy and peace.
A dove to represent the Holy Ghost.
A sun, even though there is only one, many can feel the warmth.
A seashell to hear the whisperings of the spirit.
Remember that the Holy Ghost:
Comforts and teaches,
Tells us what we should do,
Changes our hearts,
Fills us with hope and love,
Testifies of Jesus Christ.

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