Friday, September 21, 2012

Ancient Writings

Was Jesus Married? I don’t know the answer. However, whatever He did was the way it should have been done. If we needed to know the answer, we would already know. I hope that someday I overcome all of my faults, and through repentance, will be worthy enough to be where He is. If that ever happens, I will find the answer to that question. Until that hoped for reunion, I will just try to become what I need to become, and be what He wants me to be. However, as I approach my eighty second birthday I realize how short my time left here is. I am not sure there is enough time left for me to get that done. I am a very slow learner. Therefore, when we get to the other side, please come down and visit me from time to time. Lots of love, Gordon The topic that might be of interest: The entire article that discusses the discovery of a new text fragment can be found at the Smithsonian and the Smithsonian Channel will premiere a special documentary about the discovery on September 30 at 8 p.m. ET. Top religion scholar, Karen King, just unveiled the discovery of a 1600-year-old Coptic text fragment that suggests that at least some early followers of Christ believed he was married. Myrna wrote: I am just fascinated with ancient writings. More so because Joseph Smith put up with so much from his critics and the church has put up with so much through the years. It seems to me that more and more ancient texts are uncovered and none of them are well-preserved as were the plates. Therefore, it is a little joy to me to know that Heavenly Father saved the record of the Nephites to teach us in our day and did it so well that they were not destroyed by time. Even some of the ancient metal plates discovered in other places have been ravaged by time. Ours were on gold for a reason. Isn't it a marvel? In addition, Joseph Smith was assisted so that he gave the proper translation to the ancient text every time. That is even more of a testimony builder to me. Translators work and work to come up with what they think are reasonable translations and they make errors. They do not have heavenly assistance and did Joseph. You are 81 and I am 71. I have the same thoughts about time rushing past and it being my time to go home. I have no need to come "down" to visit you. First of all, you will be in the "land of light" and of peace and joy and second of all, I am concerned about where I might be. As long as it is not "outer darkness," I will be happy. Can you imagine a fate worse?

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