Monday, February 4, 2013

To Our Beloved Missionary Grandsons

Gramps and I read your letters with great interest. We are thankful that Heavenly Father blesses you with many tender mercies and that he is helping you both to be successful and to be happy in your work. We pray daily, and usually, more often than once a day, that you will be blessed. You are in our thoughts continually and we are proud of you young men who are serving our Father in Heaven and our Savior.

We are here in Colorado Springs for the second week. Kirsten had surgery on her jaw and had it broken in four places so that her joints would work as they should. She has been in constant pain with them and the spacers the orthodontist had her wearing for the last four years did not work. The surgery was extremely painful and I am certain that it would have killed me. (Especially since I cannot take many pain relievers.) She had the surgery on Wednesday, and then came home to pain and drugs. That was when the trouble started. She had two ambulance rides in two days. Monday, either the oxycodone, hydrocodone, or Keflex caused her to have a severe allergic reaction. She swelled, got hives and had great difficulty breathing. At the ER, they were unable to determine what caused the problem for certain. Although the Dr. there thought that it was most likely that it was both the narcotics. They took her off of everything at the hospital, except for Tylenol. (I do not have time to look any of this spelling up.) They kept her overnight and, in the morning, they put her on a morphine-type drug and sent her home at noon. We got back about 1 p.m. but had to go to Walgreens and get the new drugs. Guess what? She took the first dose and started to swell again. She was not as bad the second time and did not need to stay the night. The next day, on a Wednesday, one week after the surgery, we were headed to the surgeon when she started to swell again. We ended up back at the ER where they treated her and sent us on to the surgeon. It took the three times before they finally figured out which medication was making her stop breathing. Apparently she cannot take any narcotics. It is a good thing that she never took up drugs. ;) They also had to take away the steriods which were supposed to keep her from swelling because they gave her panic attacks.

I am certainly happy that I never had the same surgery. At one point, one orthodontist said it might be a good thing to do to cure my TMJ but I found a different specalist who just made all my teeth fit together. The orthodontist who took over Dr. Kitchen's practice after he died in the airplane accident was the one who told us that Kirsten did not need braces and that her mouth looked just great. HAH! Can I sue at this late date. I know, I know, he did the best he could at the time. She was just 12 or 13. I am too old for all of this fear of dying. Could you guys all knock it off, OK? Just be healthy, strong and do NOT have surgery or accidents. :)

My tooth was removed, the bone graft done, and, in six months, I will get an implant. I have a new cap on the tooth that was decaying under the old cap. I am in good shape. I hope Kirsten soon will be. I think she is very brave and has had so much pain, in addition to the allergies.

Well, Gramps and I wanted you both to know that you were loved and remembered. Take care, keep safe, and remember, no accidents or surgeries. I am too old for the trauma.

Lots of love, Grammy and Gramps

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