Monday, April 1, 2013

Two Sundays

Last Sunday, we had the privilege of going to Provo to see Kyle ordain Matthew to the Aaronic Priesthood. Kyle then helped orient Matthew to passing the Sacrament so that he was able to pass for his first time. Kyle also, as a priest, blessed the sacrament. We were also able to witness Bradon being released from the bishopric in his ward and see him sustained and, later, set apart as the new stake executive secretary. Bradon's parents had stayed over, so they were there for both events. Afterward, we went to AnnMarie's for good food and good company. Shawn, Kimberly and Sorina joined us there. It was fun that the Howards put on an impromptu musical program. Braden even joined in for one of the songs. It was very nice to be there and be part of all of the joy and of a good family time.

On Saturday, after we finished at the temple, we went to Lone Peak High School and watched Maddie perform with the winter guard. They are the groups who twirl flags, rifles and swords while dance/marching. It was very well-done. We can all be proud of our girl. She is skilled and graceful.

On Thursday, we went up to Timpanogos High School and watch Kyle perform with the Timpview High School Symphonic Band at region. It was a great concert. We also met Braden in Provo and took him out for his belated birthday dinner. He took us to an exhibit at the Y which we really enjoyed.

We were also able to travel to Hurricane and watch Donovin be awarded the arrow of light award. He was only one of three boys in his fairly large LDS troop to earn the award. You scouters all know what an achievement that was. David smoked a pork loin roast with applewood and it was so very good. We had salads and Bree's homemade beans and strawberry shortcake. By the time we got to the meeting we were all very full of great food. Donovin said he plans to keep on scouting. He is also playing baseball. Erin is playing softball.

The morning we went to the care center in our ward. The Squire family had the program but, as our year-long mission assignment, we organize the weekly event. The meeting was very tender for me. Gramps says he always feels the spirit when he is there. I can see why. All 14 of those who attend our Sacrament meeting (one brother was in the hospital with complications of pneumonia and one sister had been picked up by her daughter for the weekend), are people who have been stalwarts in the church all while we have been in Nephi. They all have been active in the community as well, one is a former county treasurer, one a county commissioner and school board member, and all are such good people. One lady, Norma Sherwood, is 103 and still leads the music. She used to write for the newspaper when I first moved to Nephi. I started writing soon after. She was always good to me. Well, they all were. Here they are unable to care for themselves and in a place where they are loved but are not going to live much longer. All are there because they require more medical help on a daily basis than their families can provide. 

Two new-to-our-ward young people spoke in our Sacrament meeting and discussed the power of the resurrection. The brother works for the sheriff's office in Utah County and commutes with our neighbor who also works the same place. We had a combined meeting today with the Relief Society and the priesthood. What a great meeting. We talked about a new program our mission president for our mission has adopted. It is a 21-day program where we each pray for people that we prayerfully select. We ask Heavenly Father to help prepare them for our invitation to attend Sacrament meeting with us on a given date--this one is in May. This will be our second time to participate, as a ward, in the program. We heard one conversion story as part of the meeting. Then the bishop showed us the video, which has gone viral on Mormon Messages, featuring part of the speech by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland: "None Were With Him." It makes me cry. I so appreciate the Savior of us all who, having never committed sin, took upon himself all the sins of the world that each of us might live as resurrected beings for all eternity.

This year, no one came here for Easter. We went to Julie and Jim's home for the meal. It was very good. Little Jens is such a treasure. He is not too certain that Grammy is worth much but her thinks that Grandpa is the best. We had a great meal, roast cooked just right, and all the trimmings. The fruit salad, with fresh strawberries, was good enough to be dessert but Julie had made cinnamon rolls. My rolls were a hit and I hardly have any left. That is a good thing because, tomorrow a.m., Gramps and Jim are going to California to work with the bees for a week.

We love you and are proud of you. You are doing such great work.

We also hope you got your packages, one for St. Patrick's day and  one for Easter.

Lots of love!

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