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Martha Ann Stout Pitts

By Wayne D. Stout

Martha Ann Stout Pitts 

Martha was born January 25, 1848 at Winter Quarters, Nebraska. She married Thomas Pitts July 28, 1866. Martha and Thomas went to Paragonah to make their home. Thomas Pitts was the son of Peter and Mary Pitts, born in December, 
1826 in Leeds, England. Thomas died November 16, 1890 in Utah. 

Martha was the mother of four sons: 

Thomas Miles Pitts, born April 18, 1867, at Paragonah, Utah: married Mary Selina Robison June 14, 1893 at Richfield, Utah. They had five children. Thomas Miles Pitts died October 22. 1936 at Price, Utah.  (One of those was Myrna’s Grandfather Thomas Vivian Pitts.)

James Alfred Pitts, born December 9, 1869 at Beaver, Utah: married Eva Robinson June 24, 1895. Six children were born to them. James died October 13, 1911 at 
Vernal, Utah and was buried in Myton. Eva later married Scott Hickey and moved to Bishop, California. 

Charles Allen Pitts, born February 27, 1872 at Paragonah, Utah; maried a 
widow named Adair, who had two sons (James and George) ; her maiden name was Adelia Francesca Sawyer, born March 25, 1878 at New Harmony, Utah. Charles Allen Pitts and Mrs. Adair were married April 24, 1904. Their only son, Charles Edward Pitts, was born September 11, 1906. Charles Allen Pitts died October 7, 1909 at Joseph City, Utah, and was buried three days later at Myton. 

Jonathan Edward Pitts, born October 11, 1874 at Paragona, Utah, married the 
widow of his brother, Charles Allen, Mrs. Adelia F. Adair Pitts, December 5, 1910. They had no children. Jonathan died October 21, 1918 at Alunite, Pinte County, Utah and was buried at Thompsonville a few miles distance. Adelia later married a Mr. Seely and moved to California. 

After 1874, Martha and Thomas moved to Joseph City, Seviere County, then to Ogden where Martha's brother Allen Joseph Stout then lived. She died in Ogden July 8, 1889, buried three days later. 

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