Thursday, December 1, 2005

Dear Children

Christmas 2005,
Dear Children:
Dad and I want you each to have something to remember Grandpa by. We kept just enough out of his
estate to pay for a bathroom downstairs for me (selfish) and for each of you to have $300 to spend
for something to remember Grandpa Pitts.
We would like you to spend the money wisely. We would also like you to get something material to
remember Grandpa. That means, we would like you to get something that would last for awhile. It
might be a second-hand piano, a second-hand electronic keyboard, a grandmother’s clock, a curio
cabinet, a cedar chest, a television set. It could be almost anything that $300 would buy We would
like it to be something you, and your spouse, can appreciate for many years to come.
We know that it is not a lot of money, but it is something. It will not buy an expensive leather sofa,
for example. However, the rest of the money is invested and we are not taking anything out unless we
need it for medical care. That will spare any of you having to assist us with financial needs--the older
person’s worry. For the next few years, any profit we make from the investment will roll back into the
We are not thinking that you will have a party or do anything fleeting that will not last long enough
for you to look at the item and remember Grandpa. It is our hope that you will remember him each
time you look at your purchase and reflect.
I hope that each of you know that you are precious to us. Dad and I count you as our greatest gifts.
We treasure you and the time we get to spend with you. Your spouses and children are also considered
as part of the wondrous gift. We are blessed to have you all. I remember those days when I feared I
would never have children. What an awful and sickening thought! I am so thankful Heavenly Father
blessed me with all of you.
Spend this with joy. Make memories. Help one another. Be loving. Be happy. Do all you can to be
productive and useful and, while you are doing so, remember our love goes with you.
Love, Mom and Dad

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