Monday, December 26, 2005

E Knudsen

Dear Myrna and Trauntwein
We hope you had a very merry Christmas and that the new year will be as
happe as this one sounds

Thank for the news of the family. I know I am not good at writing, it seams
like I never get time, I probably are not good at planning, or just tired of
doing my planning. It seams like I never get around to doing what I really
want to do. I made two Christmas socks this year. One for Erling and one for
me, and then we told our kids we thought it was time for us to get a
kalender. They were pretty good about if, there was something in it almost
every day of December. We have a kalender we got from Janne 3 years ago,
that I love to open every year. She mad a big kræmmerhus, with 24 harts in
and on each hart she had written " I love you because and then a reasen,
like you taught me the gospel, or I love you because you made the wacations
of our childhood memory able. I just love to read them again every year.
That is what Christmas is about, The same old traditions, I love to decorate
for Christmas. We have nisser, harts and stuff all over the house and a big
nativity scene cut in wood, so that the children can play with them. 
We had all the children with their kids, except Janne and her family because
they were in Silkeborg with Mikkels parents. Then we had 4 missionaries, and
Rita and Jesper, Henrik is in the Utah. Jesper brought a friend from
Ukraine, he did not have anybody to celebrate with and then we had Jytte
Martinussen, our Momsemor. She was my mother frien, and do not have family
except a son, she never sees. because they were in Silkeborg with Mikkels
parents. They will be here tomorrow so they will be Janne and Mikkel wil be
here to morrow, so they can celebrate my 60 years birthday the 28 of Dec
with us. I just can't belive I am already 60 years old. But I feel it
Love Else og Erling

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