Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Week

Today we received a new bishopric. It was sad seeing our former bishopric sit on the stand for the last time. They certainly have been excellent leaders and have been such great men to work with the youth. They have reactivated several families and young men. Those young men are now going on missions. We have five missionaries out now but will have three more going soon. I will not be surprised if Bishop Roy Ward becomes the next stake president. Our new bishop is one of the dentists here in town. His brother and he own the Nephi Dental Clinic. His brother is first counselor in the First Ward. 

We have Caydin and Donovin here with us this week. Erin is going to girl's camp with Megan and AnnMarie. Donovin tells us that he is now going to church in St. George. His best friend is LDS and invited him to go to Scouts with him. He also goes to church with his friend when he is home but is now a registered Scout. He is a good boy. He wants to be a missionary and tells us that he will be baptized when he is 18 and doesn't need his parent's permission. He likes going to church with us and has made friends here.

We are certainly happy that you are being blessed with the gift of tongues. Gramps and I are thankful that you are putting in the needed work in order for the Holy Ghoset to bless you so that you can learn so quickly. I always thought that Spanish was more difficult to learn than French. I would give Spanish a try if I had some time but I really don't need it except to know what Hispanic folks who are shopping in Walmart are actually saying to each other. Maybe they are saying: "I hope that woman does not buy the last yellow shirt because it is the one I wanted."

It is goodnight for this old Grammy. I love you and Gramps and I continue to pray for you and for your success.

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