Monday, July 23, 2012

Sorry from Myrna

I stayed up late (early?) and went to bed at 4 a.m. because I thought that I was done with the news and could then put it aside and enjoy my family. We have to publish the paper today. Then I was awakened at 7 a.m. when got more deadline stuff that Alan wanted ASAP. Because of that, I ended up not going to my doctor's appointment this a.m. RATS. I have a bladder infection that has been haunting me for the past two weeks. It is not the kind that does more than cause mild discomfort. Dad is angry with me over not taking care of myself and putting the news before my health and is not even speaking at this point. Oh, well. I am tired and think I need a nap. To bed at 4 and up at 7. It doesn't work. Now I am tired and cranky. 

We had the special fast for Eric which we ended with a big and noisy party for Mel. It is so great having the Boltons here. I look forward to it every year. I hate giving up even a single second with them because those in-person seconds are so rare. I feel like I should be a little puppy-dog and just shadow their every move.

I have been feeling a tiny bit grouchy because I am tired but, I suppose, no one could tell because we all stayed up late visiting and no one went to bed. It is likely that we are all tired. We had a good time together. I have such smart and funny people in my family. Megan and Mikaela stayed awake until 2 a.m. because they were so happy to be with each other and we were all happy to have that happen. (I remember being young, really I do, and having fun early in the a.m. Wait, you say that I still do like to be up late/early? Well, I do like it but I don't do as well with it. I seem to wear out much easier than I did way back when.)

The only problem I had Monday was finding a place to do the weekly writing and begrudging the time away from the family. Writing the news from the bedroom late at night is not an option. Dad won't let me work in the bedroom at night because my tapping keeps him awake (REALLY?). For some reason, it keeps me awake also. You would think, however, that it mostly mental on his part because he can't hear anything else. Lights also bother him and, to my way of thinking, I would suppose that the light from the computer screen is really the culprit.

Braden and I ended up being together in the living room together and we ended up having a great visit and I gave up TRYING to work because that is not as much fun as visiting. I can write every week but I can't visit, in person, with my family every week. 

Mel went running at 6 a.m. while I was sort of asleep. Tell me how she finds the energy for that?  I don't think that I had that kind of energy even when I was her age. I really don't remember that I did.

I am going to make another appointment with the Dr because I should not be as tired as I am. (I am just bushed. I am also moody.) I think the bladder infection is wearing me down. Sorry, Kirsten, for being so short with you on the phone. I do love you.

August addendum: Well, when I made it to the Dr. I found out that I am diabetic. He said it was no wonder I was tired and moody. It was also no wonder that I had a bladder infection. That dumb blood sugar. Now I am also tearful, worried and afraid.

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