Tuesday, November 27, 2012

About Dad

That was one LONG day for both of us. The surgery was scheduled for 11 a.m. Just before we left home, they called and scheduled it for an hour and a half later. We still waited and waited. They finally took Dad in at 3 p.m. By the time all was said and done, we did not leave there until dusk. I got to drive home in the dark. :) (You all know how I love that.) But it was not bad. Poor Dad, he had gone without food since 7 p.m. the night before. Thanks to Julie, we came home to roast and brown rice which she had cooked and left in the oven for us. I tried to get Dad to eat a banana on the way but he did not feel like it. (WHAT?? You know how he loves slightly green bananas. He must feel really lousy.)

When I say it was a long day for both of us, that is because I had to impatiently (I was the impatient one, not Dad.) wait with Dad. I was perched on a little doctor's stool. They took us back to the prep room not long after we got there and got Dad ready. Then we waited and waited and waited. Of course, if it had been Dad who was the person needing the extra time we would have been thankful that the doctor gave him the time so we tried to be cheerful.

Dad looks pretty good, considering that they cut out a chunk of his eyelids. They also tightened the muscle that holds the eyes open. He has wide, wide eyes now, even though they are both black. The doctor said that by morning we can expect them to be swollen shut so, for a few more days, no one will be able to see how wide and nice they are. He has to sleep either in a recliner or on top of three pillows. He gets to wear an ice bag over his eyes for the next couple of days off and on. He gets to take extra-strength Tylenol for the next couple of days, as well. I was feeling really sorry for him until they wheeled another patient into the same discharge room we were in. It is sort of a little good-bye room with recliners that they have the patient sit in until they have their sea legs and while the spouse (or whatever) goes to get the car. The woman's whole lower jaw was swathed in an elastic-style brace/bandage and she was complaining about extreme pain. I still feel sorry for Dad, of course, but I am glad he was not in that situation. UGH!

In six weeks we go back to the doctor. And, hopefully, that should be that.

Dad's RN was a person that Auntie Helen had trained in nursing. Her maiden name was Anderson. Her first name was Alys (said Alice). She was so happy to wait on a relative of Auntie's that we got the royal treatment. She was the nurse who got him ready for the surgery and who kept tabs on him while we waited and waited. (The Primary song: "Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked and Walked and Walked" made me think of Dad. "LHT joked as he waited and waited and waited. . .")

I am just thankful that, even though I drove through the rush hour traffic of Salt Lake City, I got us home in one piece and that I did not make any driving mistakes. When they remodeled the freeway, they should have added a fifth and sixth lane I am thinking. We did the bumper to bumper traffic on the way to Provo and I was in the HOV lane. What does that tell you? At least I didn't have to worry about speeding. 

I just gave Dad his last meds of the day and fixed his ice pack so he is tucked in for the night (or until the ice melts). I am heading to bed myself. 

We love you all.

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