Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Investing Tip

Investing for the future might need to be more practicle than ever thought. According to an email being sent around, folks should maybe think more about stocking up on canned goods and water than on hiding away gold or investing in stocks and bonds.

In advancing the email, Gordon Smith, had one more suggestion. "Add toilet paper to that list.  I never did like using the old Sears catalogues," he said. 

I actually did not know what that catalogue was doing in the old outhouse I visited when I was little. I sat and looked at it and wondered where the toilet paper was. ;) Eventually, someone came and found me and then I knew what it was for. That was at an older lady's house, Grandma Kate Childs' home, where we were visiting for a holiday. She made really good cookies in her old coal stove's oven. YUM!

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