Friday, October 26, 2012


I was just tired all of the time but I had quite a summer with a lot of visits from family. Most of the kids and their kids were here for a week or two each. Melanie was here for a couple of weeks and then went home and came back for a couple of more weeks. It was fun but I was so very tired. I made an appointment with the doctor and found that all seemed normal so he dug deeper. He said my sugar was high so he called for one more test, an A1C, and found that my sugar was really out of the norm. It is not so much so that I need meds but am managing it with diet and exercise. I know of no one on either side of the family who ever had diabetes--cancer, heart disease, yes, but diabetes, no. I think I must be weird. I do know that type 2 is mostly a life-style disease that comes from not taking good care of yourself, gaining a few pounds, eating too much sugar, etc. I have lots 25 pounds. I am at 135 and the doctor wants me at 125. LHT spent too much time in the sun when he was young so he has the fun of getting things burned off on a regular basis. I have a few spots that I have had to deal with. Yes, every doctor you see, specialist or not, charges a high enough fee to pay for the summer cabin and month long vacation to said cabin. Bob is just about 8-years older than I am. I think Maxine is even closer in age to me. They certainly do have some health issues. I just keep praying that they will keep on keeping on. I think getting old is difficult at best. I know that for a fact since I am old. I will be 72 in December. Shudder. Of course, that is better than the alternative, right? LHT is the energizer bunny! His hearing is his big problem. He just got new hearing aides yesterday and they seem to be doing the trick. Cyd said she is happy where she is. She said Laurel had asked if they didn't want to follow them south but she said they did not and were happy enough in the old hometown. I am just happy that Mike is doing so much better. His speech was much improved when we saw them last, during June.

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