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Alligator Farm in Buena Park

This was the park that Aunt Jessie and Uncle Gilbert took Grandmother Smith and I to when we were visiting one summer. We liked to go to California because that was where Grandmother Smith's family had relocated. It wasn't a huge family and so, as all families do, they liked to spend time together. 

Aunt Jessie and Uncle Gilbert lived there and Great-Grandmother Mina lived with them. Uncle Frank and Aunt Menetta Pritchett and Aunt Jessie's only daughter, Betty Fexer and her family, also lived in California. It was a great time when we visited. It was filled with trips to the beach and trips to other sites around the area. This was just one of the places we went.

On an earlier post, there is that photo of me riding the alligator and a little history about the photo. I just found this site and enjoyed reading some of the comments that had been left by people like me. I left one myself.

Alligator Farm in Buena Park
Thursday, February 09, 2006  Buena-Park, Zoos  62 comments
Did you know there was once an alligator farm in Buena Park?

It was adjacent to Knott's Berry Farm on La Palma Ave. The Radisson Suites Hotel now sits on the old spot. I always wanted to go there, but my folks would never take me there. 

We collected a few alligator farm memories from folks during the old days of OCThen, and posted them below...

By: Chrissey, 20 Aug 2002

The alligator farm was fun, but they scared me. The alligators were very quiet and had a harness on and people would sit on the alligator and have their pic taken. Both the Alligator Farm and Knotts seemed so far away from L.A.

By: Pat Swift, 9 Aug 2002

I remember taking my son's there (Alligator Farm). We were amazed at how a snake felt. We were always interested in the alligators but watching how fast a cobra or rattlesnake could strike was the main attraction for us.

By: Ross, 13 June 2002

Being there when I was about 6 or 7. I am now 48, I have had a facination with alligators and crocodiles all my life. I currently live in Boise, Idaho and have 2 pet american alligators (Forest and Bubba). I remember my mom taking me and my brother there it had to be like 1960 or 1961, they had baby gators for sale in the gift shop, and of course I wanted one, but didn't get one. But, I was trying to figure out where a Southern California kid would develop and interest like this. I was talking to my dad and he said he remember the Los Angelos Alligator farm in Lincoln Heights LA, well I did some research and sure enough it started there in like 1905, and then moved to Buena Park, where it was until about 1986. Anyway, I wish I could have gone there as an adult before it closed. Little trivia, they moved all the gators and crocs by private Boeing 707 to an estate in Florida owned by the inventor of Naultilus workout equipment!

By: John Nemeth, 15 Jan 2002

What a great place if you were a herpatologist. They had almost every species of crocodile, many rare species that are seldom seen. The place was always deserted, not well known as a popular tourist attraction. They did snake shows with cobras.

By: Mark Wallace, 31 Dec. 2001

Remember the Alligator Farm across the street from Knott's? This was such a great creepy place that had been there forever. Full of giant alligators, croc's and tortoises, snakes and lizards. I still have dreams about this place eventhough it was torn down years ago.

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