Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I have been thinking

I think that Alyssa should be commended for doing such a good job watching Kirsten's children while Kirsten and Jared were gone. I know what a good job she did. The most difficult thing would have been to care for sick kids. I have been there without Dad and there is a lot of driving in addition to the mothering and housework. 

I have been thinking about myself at age 19 and about the 12 children my bishop (A. Dean Wengreen)  and his wife  (Margaret) had. They went on a trip one summer (I don't really remember where) with a group of other seminary teachers and left all of those kids with my friend Venice (also 19). A couple of the kids got really sick and she, because we were friends and because the kid's mom thought it was a good idea, had to call me to come and help. It took both of us to fix simple meals, care for the sick kids and keep a meager semblance of order. Venice had one older brother. I had younger cousins but had no experience whatsoever with tiny tots that needed diaper changes, stories read and constant tending. Both of  us were out of our comfort zone. It was quite an experience. I really do not remember how long we were at it but it did seem forever. The mom had put lots of things in the freezer but the kids only would eat things like mac and cheese and corn. (They loved Brownies.)

As I was thinking about that experience, I was thinking how great it would have been had Megan been out of school and could have gone with Alyssa to help out. It is so nice to have someone to tag team with. Since Dad has retired, and can go with me, we have mostly done the tending together for those who needed us. When Kirsten moved after Ryan was born, however, Dad came back home and I stayed there a week or so without him. (I did get her unpacked and somewhat organized.) I do know that it is easier to have a two-person child-care team.  It is so hard to get up all night long and then take care of everyone during the day. 

So I am proud of Alyssa. I think that she needs to be complimented. Please show this to her and tell her that we love her and we are proud of her for hanging in there.

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