Monday, May 13, 2013

One Down, One to Go!

LHT had his right eye operated on to remove the cataract this morning. We are home, have had supper and are dozing but I am trying to keep my eyes open. It really is too early to go to bed. I seem to sleep about five hours a night whether I need to or not. I don't know what happened to the girl I used to be who could sleep through anything.

We were in Provo at the surgical center at 5:45 a.m. Yes, I drug myself out of bed at 3:30 a.m. so that we could be ready and drive to the place. It is in the Riverwoods area so we thought we might have some trouble finding it but we printed the directions off of Google and we were able to get there easily. The doctor showed up at 7 a.m. and LHT was all prepped and ready. He went into the operating room shortly thereafter (about 7:10). They do not knock you out but make you a bit "comfortable" with meds. The surgery was done by about 7:45 a.m. because it only takes 30 minutes or so to do. Then he had to wait there for a bit.

I met some nice people my age, Stephensens, who were also waiting. (She had a later appointment. LHT was first.) We chatted about Nauvoo, farming and things old folks like us have in common. Then they called me back and in a short time we were ready to leave.

We were at AnnMarie's by about 9 a.m. I took a short nap (thanks for that Ams--she worked from her front steps so she would be quiet). LHT also had a nap but a bit longer. I then talked AnnMarie to death and had a good visit (for me) but I probably kept her from getting her church calling work done. LHT woke up, we had lunch, and went to the doctor's office at 1:30 p.m. The doctor did an extensive post-op exam and his staff set up appointments and made certain that I understood how to do the medicated eye drops (three kinds three times a day). We left there, stopped and got fuel and came home. We were home about 5 p.m.

All went so very well. Thanks Jim and Brandon for taking time on Mother's Day to give him a blessing because all went as Brandon had pronounced. The surgery was so successful and so easy on LHT that the doctor set up an appointment to do the left eye next Wednesday, on the 22nd. That will be done on Dr. Scott Lohner's day performing the surgery in Nephi at our same-day surgery. He comes here once a month. He and LHT decided to do the first surgery in Provo so that it could be over and done with much more quickly. Doing the surgery in Nephi will be a bit easier on us because we will only have to travel out to our hospital and can come home and then go back. We will not need to be up so early and will not need to crash at AnnMarie's though that was really nice to be able to do.

If all goes as well as it did this time, we will still be able to make Sorina's piano recital that evening at 6 p.m. I will have to drive, of course. By then, neither contact will be usable and LHT will need a new prescription. That will be another two weeks down the road.

I am just thankful that he has not been in pain and has been able to rest (what he is doing now at 6:24 p.m.). There is little swelling and no discomfort though the doctor warned us that everybody is different and that some people do have pain and swelling.

We are blessed.

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